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Birthdate:Aug 28
Location:Kentucky, United States of America

Marissa. Married and a Mom. Love my husband and two sweet littles. Like movies, stand-up comedy, books, video games, and lots of other stuff.

Used to be a regular poster on here, but now, like most everyone else, I'm not. Still around,
though, so add me if you'd like.

Zombie Playground - Jason Chan

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adrian edmonson, alan partridge, alan spencer, alexander skarsgÄrd, andrew wood, archie comics, arrested development, barney fife, bill cowher's chin, bill hicks, blackadder, bodeco, bon scott, books, braingames, bruce campbell, calvin and hobbes, cheap trick, christopher guest, conan o'brien, cracker, crossword puzzles, d-a-d, daniel handler, david cross, david mamet, devo, disneyland after dark, dogs, donald and kiefer sutherland, dr. demento, dvds, dylan moran, eric northman, failure, father ted, flight of the conchords, freddie mercury, futurama, gary oldman, george harrison, gruntruck, harry potter, hellboy, his dark materials, hobbits, homer, hong kong phooey, iggy pop, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, james bond, jason isaacs, jimi hendrix, joel and ethan coen, justin cronin, karl pilkington, kids in the hall, kyuss, led zeppelin, love rock, malfunkshun, matt groening, melvins, mike campbell, mike patton, milhouse van houten, monty python, mother love bone, mr. show, muppets, nintendo, outlander, parker posey, patton oswalt, paul newman, paul whitehouse, penguins, preacher, pushing daisies, rik mayall, rowan atkinson, rugby, sam elliott, scott reeder, sledge hammer!, snoopy, spaced, spinal tap, stand-up comedy, stevie ray vaughan, stp, supergrass, tenacious d, the big lebowski, the bob, the doors, the fast show, the golden girls, the neverending story, the office, the police, the rolling stones, the simpsons, the sims, the state, the steelers, tom petty, tom petty & the heartbreakers, tom waits, tomahawk, tool, unida, van halen, victor meldrew, victor wooten, wallace and gromit, wayne's world, wes anderson, wii, willem dafoe, wonderfalls, x-files, zapp brannigan, zappa, ziggy stardust, zz top
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